Nofa Equestrian Resort, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Grand Stand building is part of Nofa Equestrian Resort and is located close to Tebrak, which is 150 Km from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

The existing landscape is changing all the time, because of the wind impact on to the sand, creating sand dunes of sinuous shapes. These sand dunes changes colour during day time because of reflexion of sun rays angle in the sand. In the morning the desert is light beige and in the afternoon with the sunset becomes reddish.

The location of Nofa Resort is far away from any urban reference, therefore the landscape and cultural symbols are the major reference to create the building concept. The inspiration on the sand dunes and the Beduins tents are the major drivers for the design.

These two elements are part of the culture, the love for the desert and their shelter. Horse racing is part of Beduins culture and today represents tradition, prestige and entertainment.

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